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about us

We are a couple living in Melbourne, Australia who believe that the old days were a lot more special when memories were revived with handwritten notes and letters.

Today, we are increasingly losing that personal touch to our message. But we strongly believe that no matter how advanced technology becomes, there are some things that are irreplaceable.

our story

We started with the sole purpose of reinstating the pleasure of handwritten notes and doodles. We wanted to design a high quality notebook/journal that would motivate as well as inspire people towards writing! That sparked us with the idea of bamboo journals with laser cut/engraved front cover. We experimented with about 50 unique designs to check our customers' feedback and were quite overwhelmed with their positive response.

Initially, most people saw it as a meaningful gift. But later on, we increasingly saw these people coming back to get one for themselves too. When we saw journally becoming a part of their lives, we realized this is what we want to pursue full-time.

bamboo journal
mission journally

our mission


Our ultimate goal is to provide a useful motive to everyone for owning a journally. We want customers to be able to find the one that speaks to them and is designed to suit their purpose and personality. A journally which can be a good gift as wells as a good product to buy for oneself. In a nutshell, Journally intends to revive the love for writing once again.

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