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About Us

“It began with working on the possibilities to utilize the versatility of bamboo, to eventually merging the idea of sustainability with meaningful gifting has given birth to our beautiful venture called “JOURNALLY”.

We are a couple of university students who deeply value the true essence of gifting while keeping it sustainable and meaningful. We believe that all great ideas were once a part of the inventor’s revolutionary thoughts organized in a personal journal. Although the digital age is increasingly overruling the usage of notebooks and journals, you’d always feel the need to express your deepest feelings on a piece of paper. And if the very journal design imparts a greater meaning to your priceless thoughts, then nothing else can serve as a better gift for yourself and your loved ones.

We are making the journals from scratch at our studio based in Melbourne. The front cover is laser engraved and cut to give a unique touch to this product. Thereafter, it is bound together with A5 sheets and back cover


With 'JOURNALLY' we are encouraging sustainability, innovation and gifting with a greater purpose of strengthening the bond with friends and relatives. We are also promoting uniqueness in design to help you choose the best for someone you love and admire. Whether it is for a friend who always had your back, or for a partner who has been a constant support, we have designs to cover every aspect of human emotions

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